Welcome to Bribe the Band

Bribe the Band is in active development. When it is complete, it will allow people all around the world to create a bid to entice their favorite bands to come and perform at their favorite venues. You will be able to indicate which bands can book a show, give you a ticket and claim the bid, which venues are acceptable locations, which start times are acceptable, what the minimum show length must be, how much you are willing to pay for a ticket, and how many tickets you require. Then you place your credit card information on file with Stripe, the world leader in secure online credit card transactions, and make a legally binding offer to the bands, which you may cancel at any time up until the moment the bid is accepted and you are given a ticket. You will also be able to share your bid on social media, so your friends and followers can copy your bid, alter it if they wish, and place a bid of their own.

Musicians, Bribe the Band has your back. You can log in and see a list of every possible combination of venue, start time, venue, show length and ticket price, and search and scan and sort it to find opportunities. If you want to book a show, you can indicate the maximum number of bounced credit cards that are acceptable, and send a message to the management of the venue. If they like the numbers that they see, and approve your use of the venue, we at Bribe the Band will immediately start billing credit cards and issuing tickets.

There is significantly more to the system than this, but this is a fair summary of what we are building, and we are very, very close. Stay tuned, exciting things are coming!